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6 Smart Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Following

Sales prospecting is an inseparable part of an organization. It is a process in which sales representatives make calls or send emails to generate leads. Such calls are important for the companies that need to fill their pipeline with leads to broaden their customer circle. Unfortunately, most of the reps today use ineffective and outdated sales prospecting techniques which ultimately show no result.

Here are some tricks and tactics that you or your sales representative can use to find leads, engage them and eventually turn them into your customers.

1. Build an Ideal Candidate Profile

Before making calls it is important for your sales representatives to identify your target audience. Building an ideal customer profile is the procedure in which you target your ideal prospects and leads.

If you find it difficult to identify your prospects, you can look for the traits of your existing prospects. Follow the same strategies you used to track them.

2. Make Warm Calls

Cold calling is the term that is used to define such calls but that definitely does not mean that the calls have to be cold completely. Warming up your prospects before the initial contact is a very good idea to keep the prospects’ interest alive.

You can do this by introducing your company name to your prospect before initiating your first call. To do this you can utilize a shared connection like commenting on content the buyer posted on social media platforms or simply like a job change announcement or a status update on linked in etc.

3. Think Beyond Sales

It is true that increasing sales is your ultimate purpose of making such calls but sometimes you have to go beyond that to achieve your goal. You must try to be your clients’ go-to person and should stay in touch with them even after you have closed the sale.

If you can transform yourself from just a salesperson to a provider of solutions to your clients you can easily increase your scope of getting referrals from happy customers.

Utilizing these referrals while introducing yourself to a new prospect is always a good idea as this is how you become a resource for your clients before and after the sale.

effective sales prospecting techniques

Sales prospecting techniques you should try

4. Don’t Just Over Sell

Prospecting is a part of selling but not selling itself. It is the process through which you source leads that might later enter into your sales funnel.

If you wish to be successful in your attempt, you have to build a relationship with the prospect. If you quickly jump into selling it will put pressure on your prospect.

That is why it is better to build a foundation of trust before directly coming to the selling point. This makes your prospect more comfortable with you which helps make the selling procedure easy and more effective.

5. Follow up

You must keep your prospect involved in each step of the deal. Whether you are finalizing time for the next meeting or sending over additional resources, emails or calls help you build a relationship with your prospect which is extremely beneficial for the success of your call.

6. Use and Engage in Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful platform when it comes to connecting with your prospects. Find your prospects on various social networking sites.

There are high chances of people who have searched for your products, being present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. To make a successful connection with them, you must solve their queries and post relevant content to their research.

social mediaThese above-mentioned tricks can surely bring positive change to your sales calls. Besides, you must keep yourself updated about the new developments that are continuously taking place in the sales environment.

Try out various techniques until you are successful in discovering the perfect mix of a modern and effective sales method that shows results.

6 Smart Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Following