Mine Existing Customer’s List And Generate Exclusive Insurance Leads

  April 11, 2016

For any Insurance agent, selling homeowners insurance is not an easy job. People don’t window-shop or walk past your office thinking what your company is having to offer. Residential property insurance has very less sales opportunities.

Getting homeowners insurance leads is not a guesswork. The leads contain name and contact details of consumers that actually want to buy what you are offering at the very moment. People wanting any information on insuring their residential property, with a click submit their information that is immediately sent to the agents in the form of leads.

Being an insurance agent, it is key to your success that you obtain exclusive leads that can take you to those homeowners who are in search of the product you are selling. Recycling leads would be a big waste of your time as well as money.

What at the first place you should do, is try search the exclusive leads utilizing the wealth of your current customer’s idle information hidden in the database. Unfortunately, the process will take lots of work, but this can yield you good results if you are offering multiple products with discounts. This cross-selling method is hard to execute consistently.

Imaging how beneficial it would be if you could dip your hands only in the exclusive insurance leads, filtering out the time you would waste in trying to find interested customers. This is where you need leads generator who can convert your regular clients into more profitable ones and also change prospects into your regular customers. They can also help you find out existing customers who are having a single policy with you, but might beneficially buy your other offerings. For instance, a person possessing auto insurance policy with you, would own a house or might be staying in a rented place. The lead generator will find out if this client is having renters or home insurance policy. This way a hidden data can be converted into an exclusive homeowners insurance leads.

Conclusively, you can increase your sales, maximize your profit and help your customers lower down their costs with these exclusive leads.