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Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents to Succeed in the Post-Pandemic Era

As the world is slowly emerging out from the confines of COVID-19, it is imperative to consider how the ‘New Normal’ will realign the business strategies and marketing activities, especially for professionals involved in insurance marketing. The pandemic has pushed the accelerator of digital technology adoption across demographics. We have seen how Zoom Calls, Teams, and other digital platforms have become an integral part of our lives, which means that digital marketers need to rethink their marketing channels.

As far as the insurance industry and its business strategies are concerned, it is well-poised to counter the post-pandemic aftermath. They have offered protection to customers when it was needed the most. However, as the economy opens up, several challenges are waiting to be addressed. Traditional insurance marketing and selling methods have become obsolete as consumer behavior has been altered and is likely to stay even beyond the pandemic.

People will avoid coming to conferences, they will be wary of allowing visitors to come inside their home and might even limit meetups at cafes. Insurance telemarketing services will see a mammoth rise as people will tend to avoid in-person events organized by insurance companies. Digital platforms are bound to take the centre stage when it comes to business strategies and insurance marketing.

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5 Best Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents to Succeed in the COVID-19 Era

1. Re-evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategies:

Evaluate your past marketing activities and shift from low-impact and high-cost marketing channels to targeted and cost-effective digital channels. Integrate digital technologies and platforms in business strategies and all your insurance marketing activities.


  • Check whether your website is optimized to target your customer and how effective it is for customers to find you online.
  • Revisit your social media strategies, produce quality content and post it regularly on social media platforms for greater organic reach
  • Consider paid marketing channels to reach a new customer base
  • Make use of automated email marketing to reinforce your services
  • Get online reviews on Facebook and Google to establish credibility

2. Give your website the much-needed overhaul:

Your website is your home on the internet. That’s where people will come to interact with you. Develop a strong user-friendly website with an attractive user interface and a properly defined sales funnel. Have strategic call-to-action buttons, give information that customers are looking for, and entice them with good offers regularly. Also, make sure you have your Google My Business Page and all the fields are updated. Google reviews and listing are increasingly becoming important for insurance marketing.

3. Strategize Your Social Media & Content Marketing Activities:

Social media updates and content marketing is the fuel to reach top Google rankings and on top-of-the-minds of your customers. Engage with them on a regular basis through social media activities. Post videos & photos, have live streams, conduct online contests, use podcasts, write informational blogs to reach out to your customers.


Some of the key things about social media and content marketing are that you should a regular in posting and marketing content, be on platforms that your customers use and be original & creative. Answer to comments on your pages, use hashtags, reply to queries on messages, tag relevant accounts, participate in groups and make sure you have relevant influences on board.

4. Personalize Your Communication:

Wherever possible, try to make your promotional messages and comments more personal and that is where insurance agents will win their customers. Research proves that more than a third of customers like to read personalized messages. However, it is to be noted that the personalization of messages comes at a risk. If the personalization is poor, it will drive your customers away from your company instantly.

In this post-pandemic era, people involved in insurance marketing who ace as appointment setters, understand how to build relationships through virtual channels like social media platforms, know the technicalities of video conferencing will win.

5. Develop Relationships with Your Existing Customers

Make use of different virtual channels and telemarketing services to engage with your existing set of customers. Offer referral programs and incentives to your customers. Take an online survey and analyze what they think about your services and plans. This will help you in building long-term relations with your customers.


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