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Lead Generation Techniques for Auto Insurance

For success in any business, it is essential to focus on our core area. If we are in the business of auto insurance, we need to focus on providing quality service to our clients. The billion-dollar question is whether we have an in-house lead generation department or should we delegate the responsibility to a telemarketing lead agency with experience in commercial truck insurance lead generation techniques.

The decision is easy; determine the opportunity cost of having our lead generation team or outsourcing it to a telemarketing lead agency. We will find that the professional expertise that leads generation agencies have to generate business far outweighs the cost.

For an in-house lead-generation team, we need to consider the costs – wages, space, software, hardware, electricity and so on. We also must remember that our in-house staff would probably be more productive in other tasks than telemarketing.

Techniques to Follow for Auto Insurance Lead Generation

As far as strategies for insurance lead generation are concerned, we don’t need to tap new clients now and then. An experienced telemarketing lead agency will know the auto insurance leads generation techniques by sourcing prospects from our existing database of clients using their professional training and skills.

The telemarketing staff are constantly alerted about the changes in the profiles of our existing customers, and they will ensure that the calls are made to the right client at the right time. Here are the techniques used by telemarketing agencies to generate leads.

  • Birthdays

One of the best methods used by telemarketing agencies is keeping track of the birthdays of existing clients. Insurance rates become more attractive as clients age till 60.

Going by experience, the more experienced the driver, the better they tend to be. When our client turns 25, 35, 45 or 55, they will get better rates when their policies are due to renew.

  • Location

Auto insurance rates vary according to location, going up in areas where crime rates are higher and down in areas where crime rates are lower. Professionals from the telemarketing lead agency are aware of these parameters and will keep tabs on the current location of clients. When people moved to a safer area like the suburbs and have their garage, rates will be more beneficial.

  • Credit History

The premiums charged by auto insurance companies depend on the credit score of clients. If the credit score of the client has improved since their last renewal, the client will enjoy better rates compared to what they had when they faced bankruptcy, collections, foreclosures or late payments in their credit report.

  • Driving Record

The driving record maintained by insurance companies could have improved with time with no more traffic tickets or accidents. Once these violations are off the prospect’s driving record, they are entitled to better insurance rates.

  • Life Changes

When the client gets married, graduates or buys a new home, all these things have a positive impact on their insurance rates.

  • Depreciation

There is a direct correlation between the age of the car and insurance. Vehicles over 5-year old save around 20% on insurance premiums.

  • Fluctuation in Rates

There are many factors that affect insurance rates like the change of population, the rise of crime, the natural calamities which result in a daily or monthly increase. Rates could be significantly different over 6 months.

  • Government Regulations

State Laws are constantly changing vis-a-vis insurance regulations. Whether it’s a hike in rates from the state insurance department or a reversal of the minimum insurance requirements for insured drivers, there are some changes in regulations. These lead to significant savings for drivers.

  • Steady Record

Where the prospect has been regular with payment of insurance and a clean driving record, there could be a discount of up to $100 compared to newly insured drivers.

Profit from Higher Auto Insurance Leads

Professional staff from the lead generation company keeps updated on any changes with clients and helps them generate more business.

InsuranceTelemarketer has extensive experience in lead generation for auto insurance and provides end-to-end solutions starting from creating a new prospect list or reviewing our existing list to ensure higher revenues for us. Speak to our appointment setter to drive quality leads for your auto insurance business.


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