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How to Earn Prospects Interest Through Cold Calling

It is easy to sell products to people who had already shown their interest in your products but it becomes a challenge for the appointment setters to deal with unknown prospects who don’t know about their interest. Representatives initiate an endless number of calls a day, praying to get an opportunity to talk to prospects interest but unfortunately face rejection in most of them.

How to find ideal prospects for products?

Undoubtedly, skilled salespersons are different from the average ones, especially when it comes to handling uninterested prospects.

After all, it is not easy to build a relationship with a stranger. But it’s not impossible as well. You can use the following tricks to upgrade your skills as a sales caller so that even unknown prospects get interested in hearing from you.

1. Don’t jump on selling

It is a fact that not everyone will be interested in your products or services but they would always be interested in themselves.

Utilizing this theory, you can make them understand the benefits that he or she will get if he or she buys your product or service, instead of directly talking about your product or service.

For instance- starting your conversation with “Hi this is (name) and I sell sales training. I would like to give you a brief introduction about my services” does not lead you anywhere as the prospect is bored with hearing such things from other callers as well.

To make the beginning of the conversation interesting you can say the same thing in a different way like “Hi. I got you on my first dial, and when you hire me, I’ll train your sales representatives on how to do the exact same thing.” This is how you utilize the curiosity of the prospect to keep him or her glued to your call.

2. Don’t pretend

Always remember that your potential buyer knows that you are biased about your product. They, being smart and educated always know that your duty is to convince them to buy. That is why there is no point in pretending.

You just have to believe your product is the best in the market. Do not shy away from showing your excitement to offer your products to them. You need to make them believe that you are not sharing your point of view about the product but also giving commitment to that opinion.

3. Keep their interest alive

Once you successfully convince your prospect to agree to another call, you must focus on keeping him attentive. This is a strategy that works most of the time in this regard.

To do that you can ask about the last conversation with the prospect when you call him the next time. You can simply start up the conversation by talking about his or her agenda.

4. Utilize your past success stories

Try to focus on the things which brought you success in the past instead of thinking of failures. Replicating those success tricks can make you successful in the future as well. If you constantly think about your failures you won’t be able to improve yourself ever.

Use this theory while contacting your prospects, recall the things that got your previous prospect interested in hearing from you. You can also notice the trend of their responses to reutilize those successful approaches with future prospects.

5. Respect your prospects

Like everyone else, your prospect wants to get respected and heard and you must keep this in mind. Give the prospect the chance to speak and share his or her opinion with you. Treating your prospects as teachers or experts they would instantly get interested in keeping up the conversation.

You can utilize those above-mentioned ways provided by InsuranceTelemarketer to avoid rejection of your sales calls. This increases your chance of successfully reaching the decision-maker.

How to Earn Prospects Interest Through Cold Calling