Facebook Advertising: An Easy Way To Get Home And Renters Insurance Leads

  May 10, 2016

Why do the insurance agents need to spend their maximum time chasing down leads for renters insurance appointments? The answer to this is that renters insurance is a less competitive line, hence it might not earn a good commission to the agents. But the reality is that this low hanging fruit can bring a lot more business up to your steps.

On the other hand, home owner insurance is quite profitable if approached in a right way, due to its extensive opportunities of cross selling. It is highly recommended to follow the two tier strategy for getting home insurance leads.

Depending on the category, it is easier to target someone who is interested in buying an insurance policy, but it is too tough to target the policy holder. Being an insurance agent, you would understand how important it is to develop your business pursuing new clients as well as providing additional services to the regular customers.

Here are a few helpful options of Facebook advertising, that can provide you more targeted leads. Facebook advertising is an effective, cheap and highly targeted way of spreading your messages on the world’s top most social media platform to the right people and at the right time.

Facebook helps you to pursue the targeted audiences, and this would save not only yours but also your client’s budget. Ensuring that you are getting your messages to the right people, you don’t need to waste a lot of time on unqualified leads. The Facebook advertising campaign can show you the result of your investment within a couple of days.

Facebook advertising can also be based on the gender, age, income, location, etc. It allows you to target people that are interested in the type of insurance you are selling. Like, you get qualified home owners insurance leads or renters insurance leads, with the help of provided information about new home buyers, home owners, and renters to target and offer suitable policies.

At last but not the least, Facebook ads help insurance agents, like you, to stand in front of the targeted market. Therefore, in order to gain highly targeted insurance leads, Facebook advertising is an excellent tool.