General Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, Employee Benefits.
You will have a dedicated insurance telemarketer(s) exclusively marketing for you. Your telemarketer will be calling businesses in the target markets you have specified. We will provide the data to your telemarketer based on the standard industrial classification code (SIC) and specific areas you would like them to market to setup the appointments. We understand that business owners are not always available when you call them so we make sure to call until we get the business owner on the phone till we get a conclusion of an Appointment/x date/ or not interested. Sometimes it may take your telemarketer up to 30 attempts till the owner is available to speak to before securing an appointment. The great part of this is that most marketing companies stop calling after the first attempt so not only do we get the low lying "fruit" we also get the ones that are hard to get a hold which usually end up being a long time client of yours once you get them as a client. You will have direct access to your caller so when they have prospects that wants to speak to you right away they can message you and see if you are available before transferring the call to you. If you are not available they will either make a face to face or phone appointment.


The telemarketer has spoken to the prospect about being presented with a proposal from an agent at your office. The prospect must confirm and acknowledge the appointment. We understand that we will not always get a hold of the decision maker on the first attempt. Therefore, we always ask the best time to call back to get a hold of the decision maker. We then mark that in our call back system and we will call the prospect back at that time to hopefully make the appointment after creating the interest. We continue this process until we have reached the prospect and reached a conclusion whether that is an appointment, not interested or an x-date to follow back up on. We do have scripts and methods we have created throughout the years to yield the highest success; however, all scripting will be approved by you before implementation. Once an appointment has been set our quality assurance team will review the call to verify that it is an appointment before you are notified via email of your appointment.

For a dedicated telemarketer please contact us for pricing:

  • We have both Full time and Part time telemarketers available.
  • Full TIme is 8 hours per day 5 days per week for 20 business days
  • Part Time is 4 hours per day 5 days per week for 20 business days