Commercial Insurance Appointment Through Insurance Telemarketer

Commercial Insurance is a hot market right now. There has never been a better time in the history of being an insurance agent where so many businesses are booming and growing. Of course, this means their insurance needs are always adjusting and needing to expand. Business owners are more loyal to who they do business with than your average consumer that is price shopping. It’s a no-brainer; it is time to hit the gas on growing your commercial agency. The opportunities with a business owner are significant as you can easily become their provider for their personal policies as well, satisfying all of their risk management needs with your products within your agency.

What do we do? We book appointments with the businesses in your target market. The booked appointments are with the business owner and/or decision-maker only for a specific date and time for you to speak with them about what you can do for them. Because our programs are customized, you have the control to create your own personal lead generation engine set specific to your exact agency goals.

You will have a dedicated insurance telemarketer(s) exclusively marketing for you. Your telemarketer will be calling businesses in the target markets you have specified. We will provide the data to your telemarketer based on the standard industrial classification code (SIC) and areas you would like them to market to set up the appointments. We understand that business owners are not always available when you call them so we make sure to call until we get the business owner on the phone and until we arrive at a conclusion of an appointment, x-date, or not interested in that business. Sometimes it may take your telemarketer up to 30 attempts until the owner is available to speak to them before securing the appointment. The great part of this is that while most marketing companies stop calling after the first attempt, we do not; the goal is to reach out to all types of companies, no matter how hard or easy to reach. You will have direct access to your insurance telemarketer to work with them every day, week, or however often you would like for the account. This also makes it so that when they have a prospect that would like to speak with you right away, they can call/chat and get you on the line to close that deal.

Appointments are only set with the target market you decide as to the insurance agent. We will ask for the specific areas and types of businesses that we will focus on for the campaigns for the account. Your agency will be granted full and live access to the individual(s) that will be working exclusively for your campaign. The appointments will only be with decision-makers; we know your time is valuable and you want to meet/talk with the person who really handles the insurance needs for the business or home.

Our script is very simple. After we have used our proven methods to get past the gatekeepers, we will then introduce ourselves as if we were calling directly out of your offices. The goal of this call is to find out, using our strategies, if the decision-maker will agree to speak to you to see what you can do for their business. We will always uphold your agency brand as the goal is to become an extension of your office. Once we have secured a face-to-face or over-the-phone appointment, our quality assurance team will verify the appointment. We also do live transfers, however, we like to make sure someone in your office always answers the phone so we will send you a ping through our software system to make sure someone is available to take the call. If we are not able to secure the appointment after speaking to the decision-maker of the business, we will ask for the business renewal date and follow up with that business owner about a month and a half before their next renewal.