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Sales Pipeline

Here are the Top Ways to Manage your Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline management is essential to improve the performance of your sales. If you are facing stagnating sales, understanding the sales funnel would help you identify the areas of concern. Most managers do a poor job of managing their sales pipeline. And that’s why their teams suffer the most – leading to loss of revenue

b2b sales leads

6 Useful Techniques to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

For every business, the key to get more and more customers is letting more people know about it. it does not really matter how good your product or service is, if people are not aware of it, they would simply not buy it. You don’t need to have the best…

sales prospecting techniques

6 Smart Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Following

Sales prospecting is an inseparable part of an organization. It is a process in which sales representatives make calls or send emails to generate leads. Such calls are important for the companies that need to fill their pipeline with leads to broaden their customer circle. Unfortunately most of the reps…

social media

4 Ways For Insurance Agents To Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers

Homeowners insurance is an old profession. You are most likely using Facebook, but are you confused by the different ways of converting your fans into customers? What are the simple strategies that can help to generate revenue with Facebook? 1. Offer your fans some benefits - Make the prospects feel…