Generating Life Insurance Leads & Appointment Setting

A famous saying goes like this, “the first impression is the last impression”, and it cannot be more accurate in the area of appointment setting for life insurance. We know that you have a great deal of tasks going on at one time and so our dedicated life insurance appointment setters are always available to help you out with life insurance appointment setting service. We have highly trained operators equipped with the subtle and skillful art of appointment setting so that you get time to focus on your main assets- that is, your clients.

How Can Appointment Setters Benefit to Generate Life Insurance Leads?

We can vouch for a positive response because our life insurance appointment setters have skills that can help the potential clients be more relaxed and friendly which will result in a higher level for receptivity by the clients, thus informing them of the benefits of trusting your agency more appropriately.

How to Generate Insurance Leads?

Here Are Some of the Features That We Offer In Our Life Insurance Appointment Setting Service:

Filtration of Potential Leads

There may be a huge number of contacts in your database, but many of them may not be potential leads. Our life insurance appointment setters filter through your database, removing the contacts that are incorrect, outdated, and non-receptive. They then qualify the leads, whose profiles are aligning with your specialized area of insurance.

Customised and Personalised Scripting

We believe that no two insurance firms are alike and therefore they require a different script when convincing potential clients for an appointment. We make sure to discuss the script in-depth with your team beforehand so that your company’s reputation is maintained while our dedicated agents talk to the prospective clients for appointment setting for life insurance.

Effective and Efficient Sales

Our life insurance appointment setting service firm believes that the proper approach is to be followed is during a conversation with the client so that your potential client does not go to your competitor. Hence, we have the required number of meetings where the approach is discussed so that all the efforts going into convincing clients reap nothing but positive results.

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What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?


Increase in Your Productivity

Your in-house staff should be free from stress coming in from non-core activities so that their main focus and energy goes into working productively on their main tasks.

Reduction in the Costs

By outsourcing the appointment setting service to us, you save on all the overhead costs related to purchasing, installing, and maintaining space and resources from where your employees will make calls. Not to mention you will save on the time used by the Human Resource team to hunt for qualified employees in this field and then train them further for skills required for appointment setting for life insurance.

Increase in net revenue

We at Insurance Telemarketer consider that our success depends on your success and for that, we have a specialised way of dealing with the prospective clients. Our life insurance appointment setters do not force them into anything, rather they just convince them subtly to fix an appointment with your company so they do not feel like they are taking some important decision in a hurry. We gain their trust so they can trust you completely resulting in more clientele for your base due to which your revenue will also definitely increase.

Our life insurance appointment setting service firm assures you no hidden costs or gimmicks and guarantees you complete transparency from our end. We hope you make a well-informed decision and choose the best service provider in the field of appointment setting for life insurance which will help you get life insurance leads that become your future clients.

How Life Insurance Leads help Local Business Owners?

Your life insurance agency can flourish only when you have a ready pipeline of prospects willing to convert. Insurance Telemarketing Company can offer you access to exclusive and authority leads who are genuinely in search of adequate life coverage. Life insurance leads that have been procured through convincing conversation over the phone are more likely to buy from your agency.

Importance of Paid Leads for Your Business

Often, your business fails to monetize on the prospects in your neighborhood just because you lack insights into their availability or run short of time and money to connect individually with each of them. These shortcomings can be countered when you buy life insurance leads from a reliable telemarketing company. Sustaining your business in a competitive landscape becomes easier with these leads. How? Read on to learn more.

Paid Leads Are Less Likely To Back Out

You might have experiences of leads who had indicated their strong intention to buy life coverages but have rejected your proposals at the last moment. This is because they have been explained the policy features and benefit projections only. Telemarketing representations, in contrast, inspire the leads to subscribe to your agency by narrating to them real-life stories where a life protection had saved the buyer’s family from financial distress after his untimely demise. Leads who appreciate the fact that life coverage is essential for giving their loved ones the needful monetary support in the event of a disaster would definitely keep their promises to convert.

Cost Justification of Policy Premiums Helps Retain Loyalty

The economy is constantly changing, and people also look to reap optimum benefits from investments they make. Insurance telemarketers complement this sentiment of leads by discussing with them in detail how the premiums paid would lead to exponential returns in the long haul. This is coupled with information about the quick settlement of policy claims, a minimum investigation carried out in case of unnatural death of the person whose life was covered, and lifelong support from your agency. Further, the fact that life policies too can provide needful cash through various riders if critical or terminal illness occurs can ignite more hope in leads.

Exclusive, High-Risk Leads Can Prove To Be Your Success Ladder

When looking for life insurance leads, your contemporaries often tend to ignore the high-risk prospects. The common belief is that the time and energy spent on persuading them can be gainfully invested to influence readily available leads. Insurance Telemarketing Company can motivate these filtered out leads to subscribe to the insurance products marketed by your agency. You may have to shell out few bucks more, but the returns would be lucrative. Commissions would also be more as these leads often go for high premium insurances.

No Fear of Wasting Money on Bogus Leads

Insurance telemarketing representatives make life easier for you by interacting with paid leads on your behalf. If the leads are bogus, you would be informed straightaway so that you can claim the refund. If leads are unreachable, the reps would leave messages and would follow with them unless they respond in the positive or negative. Willing leads are referred to you immediately whereas those leads seeking a personal audience with you are intimated about the appointment day and time. This implies that if you had invested $14 per lead, you can harvest commissions from enthusiastic leads pretty sooner with telemarketing support. Bogus or unwilling leads won’t eat away your time and energy.

Optimize On Your Life Insurance Leads to Drive Phenomenal Sales

If you don’t’ want to inflate your sales budget with allocations for trained manpower for engaging leads and expensive infrastructural support for managing affairs, you need to get in touch with a renowned telemarketing company. Insurance Telemarketer is a mainstream telemarketing company catering to the needs of life insurance agencies and companies in Denver, Colorado, and neighborhood areas. You can rely on the expertise and professionalism of representatives over here to cogently influence leads and reap rich dividends from exponential growth in policy sales.

Life Insurance Leads – Should You Look to Buy Them?

Organic life insurance leads can sustain your monetization drive till the time you have a self-sufficient mechanism of generating your own leads. Building a prolific referral system or having a productive website in place can be time intensive. Purchased leads can render your life insurance business more profitable by curbing the time and energy needed to search for authority leads and their sources. However, you need be wary of over-enthusiasm and proceed cautiously to remain immune to any volatility. This blog would help you decide if you should really buy life insurance leads.

Focus on Exclusive Leads

Exclusive leads should be preferred over shared leads. Such leads are sold solely to you whereas other leads are shared by multiple parties. By the time you would approach the leads, they would be already booked by your competitor, or would be so frustrated by constant accosting that you may not get any response.

If you want to remain productive with shared leads also, you need to remain hooked on to your connected device round the clock. It would allow you to reach out to the lead the moment you are notified by the lead vendor.

There is a catch, however. The exclusive leads might have been bought by your vendor from a shared source. Alternately, the lead might have filled out many quote request forms of which the vendor may be unaware of. To steer clear of this situation, you may consider buying superior quality shared leads available to only 2-3 parties at most. This would keep the initial costs down and canvassing would provide fair returns.

Be Ready to Embrace Leads Earmarked as High-Risk

The general tendency among insurance agents is to filter out those leads whose conversion potential is low. You can monetize on this mindset by targeting those leads which are categorized as high-risk. Such leads won’t feel annoyed at your call because of the low volume of requests received. Further, these leads usually believe in buying policies with high premiums which eventually would spell more commissions for you. The fact that these leads are sold at exceptionally low prices render them the best life insurance leads for you. The low conversion rate would be offset by the higher premiums that would be fetched.

Go for Bulk Purchase

When you are in a dilemma about securing desired returns from your investment on leads, you must test the efficacy of the deal by buying leads in bulk. Bulk leads are cheaper. You can also collaborate with other life insurance agents to pool your limited budget and then invest in leads. Reliable agents with whom you can partner for lead sharing would help in further reducing your initial cash outlay. You can also consider paying for the leads with a credit card. This way, you can foot the bills once the leads are converted.

Refrain from Geo-Targeted Leads

When the lead vendor has to seek out the origin of leads to cater to your state-specific needs, you would be charged a premium. However, if you have secure license to operate in multiple states across the USA, you need not secure geo-targeted leads. It would result in a drastic fall in organic lead procurement prices.


The compulsion of having to buy life insurance leads till the time your business is stabilized and alternate channels of lead generation have been activated should be viewed in a positive sense. Initially, in the absence of quality leads, your business would not take off. It is therefore prudent to buy life insurance leads from proven and reliable sources to establish your identity. Once your credibility is built, leads would flow in spontaneously.