Exclusive Home Insurance Leads

When a consumer owns a house, insurance agents open up their small window to fulfill the consumer’s demands for insurance quotes. It doesn’t matter if consumers already have an existing policy, they will be eager to get a new policy, as it can help them to reduce their monthly budget.

No matter if you are, either a consumer – searching for a homeowner’s insurance policy or and agent – wanting to buy homeowners insurance leads, the home insurance leads providers are trained in serving you. – CEO Insurance Telemarketer.

Being a customer, you need to keep your house protected with the help of local insurance agents, who understand your needs. And if you are an agent, you will want immediate access to real-time home insurance leads for those people who are actually wanting to buy or replace their home insurance.



What are real-time home insurance leads?

Consumers invest a big amount while buying a house. And to safeguard this investment is equally important.

Consumers have the right to know what they are being covered, and they will always want the best coverage at an affordable price.

The lead providers relying on real-time insurance leads provide the insurance telemarketer direct access to those homeowners who are wanting to protect their investment.

These home-insurance lead providers follow a strict policy of purchasing real-time insurance leads only, to ensure that agents never experience any kind of frustration of dated or fraudulent home insurance leads.

The professional lead providers are known to deliver a high volume of quality homeowners insurance leads. They ensure the agents have a quality experience of providing their customers the most affordable home insurance quotes.

Being a house owner is a part of everybody’s dream, but there is a big list of things that can devalue your investment. Anything can happen, either good or bad.

Individuals cannot prevent life from a natural event, but you can be sure to take a step ahead to protect your home and family. Allow the leads providers to connect you with the right insurance agents and help you protect your investment with affordable home insurance leads.

Insurance Appointment Setting Services to Grow Your Business

By setting an appointment, it means a company owner or its sales agents can fulfill their respective clients face to face so they can solve all queries of the particular customer and can discuss the offers of their company personally. It is an important marketing strategy, that an enterprise applies to create demand and interest of its own leads and client.

Do I need insurance appointment setting services?

Meeting with clients is normally more valuable than purchasing over the telephone. But looking for an ideal customer could be very slow. An exclusive small business insurance appointment setting service is advisable if you want to acquire more clients in a short span of time.

Being cost-effective, you can get high gains very easily and handily by appointment setting services. There is absolutely no hassle from some extra responsibilities except hiring your own appointment setter’s team. The agency is also beneficial for small companies like a physician’s office, or insurance agencies, having no resources of their own to find new clients. On the opposing side, you’ll be gained from any excess cost of full-time workers in your business.

Appointment Setting for Small Business Owner

The appointment setting service has become very important with the fast development of today’s business industry. You’ll have to grab the bigger customer’s attention to protect their success. It is crucial for the appointment setting service business to utilize modern strategies to set appointments while outsourcing this type of service.

There are exclusive business insurance appointments setting service businesses. But you have to be sure, which you’re picking up the best one, which may provide you with premium excellent service. Decide on the company with skilled staff, that may communicate with topmost executives, managers, or owners of big companies.

How to Generate Insurance Leads?

If you are capable of generating insurance leads, you will achieve success as an independent insurance agent. Your unique approach towards the marketing side of this sales based business will help you earn rewards. Agents can self-generate the leads or outsource it to specific areas or they can even buy a lead from a lead service. The best B2B appointment setters help you drive sales upwards by short-listing qualified leads that are willing to commit to an agent’s business offers.

So, if you own an insurance company and are looking for appointment setters in Georgia, then Insurance Telemarketer is the perfect solution for you. Also, if you are an individual looking for leads, then with the following tips you can generate insurance leads faster than usual which will help you move your business in the right direction.

1. B2B Appointment Setter

There are companies like Insurance Telemarketer, where insurance appointment setting is done by a telemarketing representative who calls all the leads on the list provided by the business owner, i.e., you. Each lead is engaged in a productive conversation by the representative.

Appointments for an in-person meeting with the leads providing positive responses are set telephonic, and the timings are communicated to the business owner. Appointment setters help you increase the productivity and eventually your commission.

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2. Life Insurance Leads

Many insurance agencies attract prospective agents with the promise of providing them with leads during the recruitment process. Working for a company that presents you with sales leads has quite a few benefits.

Life Insurance Leads

First, you do not have to risk your own money on leads that might not convert into clients. Companies provide leads generally without charging any fees from agents. However, your company can sometimes lower your commission in exchange.

Second, you do not have to compare lead providers and lead costs, so, this in return saves more time. Instead, you can contact the prospective ones and sell them a life insurance policy according to their requirements.

Lastly, the company is more likely to provide support and assistance if you face any difficulty in the sales process.

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3. Third-Party Leads

Third-party companies sell leads to life insurance agents. You pay up front, and the company gives you a set of leads within your mentioned geographic location. You can use them for cold calls, direct mail, and emails.

But, before buying leads, be sure to ask about contracts. Find out if they offer exclusive leads, i.e., fresh new leads for you or shared leads. Exclusive lead options may cost more, but it reduces the competition.

Lastly, do not forget to gather information about the return policy. Many providers offer compensations for poor leads, so, avoid the ones that do not. Also, note that an agency that will be closing or an insurance agent who will be retiring soon may sell their leads.

4. Referrals

Referrals of satisfied clients can lead to the generation of quality leads. But, unfortunately, the chances of referrals are few if you are new to the business and your client list is small. In that case, request your family, friends, and former co-workers to help you get connected to potential clients.

5. Join a Community

Volunteering is a great way to establish your reputation as a loyal member of any community. With your participation and contribution, you can win the trust of others in the group and establish yourself as an industry expert. When you are considered an expert, professionals in related fields feel confident to get involved with you regarding the sale of insurance policies.

Networking with other professionals from different industries can also transform into quality leads. Being active on social media like LinkedIn Pulse can help you grow your brand and act as a great tool for generating leads. Attend events, meetings, alumni gatherings, and your city’s Chamber of Commerce to get frequent leads.


With rising technological advancements, new possibilities are being introduced in generating leads for insurance companies. By adapting and refocusing your approach, your chances of reaching potential clients and prospective opportunities for conversion improve greatly. Lead generation in insurance can be a time consuming and a pricey endeavor.

Agents have to be mindful of a multitude of factors including the costs involved, the value of the time, and the resulting lead analysis. There is diversity in an agent’s business which includes both paid leads and self-generated insurance leads. These procedures will definitely help you generate successful leads.

How to Optimize Appointment Setting Services for Securing Ready-To-Convert Life Insurance Leads?

Keeping your life insurance business alive requires making calls for a regular generation of leads. Your commission-driven income is thus sustained, and new strategies can be formulated to bring more customers within your business-fold. Small business owners with a significant number of staff members on their company’s payroll can prove to be goldmines for regular premiums. To persuade them and make them realize the potential advantages of life insurance for indemnifying employees in the event of unforeseen occasions events you need to approach them methodically. The first step of getting into the good books of such owners involves hiring a proficient insurance telemarketing company whose staff can set appointments for your prospective visits. Securing promising life insurance leads truly becomes a breeze with an effective intervention of an appointment setting agency.

Selling Insurance Convincingly With A Strategy

How to sell insurance to small business owners? The answer is simple; by educating them about the benefits and the dire financial consequences that they may have to face in the absence of suitable insurance coverage for the workers on their payroll. If you feel uneasy about connecting directly with the owners initially, you can do your research on potential clients and submit the findings to telemarketers whose professionals will set appointments on your behalf.

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Making Appointment Setters Work For You

The preliminary details you need to collect about the target include:

  • Knowing the owners’ names and the nature of the business carried out by them.
  • Research about the potential hazards the employees in the respective businesses are exposed to.
  • Summarize the ways the life insurance coverage can help owners avert financial catastrophes in case of any untoward incident.
  • Learn more about their present engagement trends by taking to the social pages of these businesses.

Once your name, database, and background fact check is over, share them with your trusted appointment setting agency. Any delay in this process will mean giving your business adversaries a competitive edge. The telemarketing professionals will then prepare the script to approach every individual uniquely based on their portfolio.

Leveraging the Potential of Appointment Setters to Pull off a Steady Business

Professionals at telemarketing agencies will have seminal sessions with you subsequently. This is done to develop stories and testimonials which would endorse your capability of bailing out small businessmen from probable disasters by relating events from the past. Specific examples work best.

To enhance the confidence level of the leads, telemarketers also mention that their agents operate locally and can be reached whenever the need arises. Any particular insurance-related problem that may adversely impact a lead could also be asked for. The same would be communicated to you so that you can prepare a strategic solution and provide the same during an in-person meeting with the lead.

These telemarketers never overemphasize about saving money. Their focus is more on talking about quality. They also talk about the legal hassles that the prospects could avoid those by subscribing to various life insurance solutions. This is then customized according to future needs, budgets, and specific industry-oriented needs of owners. Appointment setters would go about building your brand where they would project you as the leader in your niche.


Appointment setters know that the prospects remain busy and can’t afford much time. They swiftly send the message to you helping you secure an appointment. The professionals draw from their experiences to cater to every individual uniquely. Insurance Telemarketer is a renowned company that facilitates appointment setting in New Jersey and other states. You can harvest numerous, and ready-to-convert insurance leads assuredly with the help of appointment setting agencies.

Facebook Advertising: An Easy Way To Get Home And Renters Insurance Leads

Why do the insurance agents need to spend their maximum time chasing down leads for renters insurance appointments? The answer to this is that renters insurance is a less competitive line, hence it might not earn a good commission to the agents. But the reality is that this low hanging fruit can bring a lot more business up to your steps.

On the other hand, home owner insurance is quite profitable if approached in a right way, due to its extensive opportunities of cross selling. It is highly recommended to follow the two tier strategy for getting home insurance leads.

Depending on the category, it is easier to target someone who is interested in buying an insurance policy, but it is too tough to target the policy holder. Being an insurance agent, you would understand how important it is to develop your business pursuing new clients as well as providing additional services to the regular customers.

Here are a few helpful options of Facebook advertising, that can provide you more targeted leads. Facebook advertising is an effective, cheap and highly targeted way of spreading your messages on the world’s top most social media platform to the right people and at the right time.

Facebook helps you to pursue the targeted audiences, and this would save not only yours but also your client’s budget. Ensuring that you are getting your messages to the right people, you don’t need to waste a lot of time on unqualified leads. The Facebook advertising campaign can show you the result of your investment within a couple of days.

Facebook advertising can also be based on the gender, age, income, location, etc. It allows you to target people that are interested in the type of insurance you are selling. Like, you get qualified home owners insurance leads or renters insurance leads, with the help of provided information about new home buyers, home owners, and renters to target and offer suitable policies.

At last but not the least, Facebook ads help insurance agents, like you, to stand in front of the targeted market. Therefore, in order to gain highly targeted insurance leads, Facebook advertising is an excellent tool.

3 Emails To Increase Commercial Insurance Appointments

If your business depends on appointments or scheduled service calls, email marketing would most likely be the best option to fill your appointment book. Set number of appointments by sending the right emails. Let’s check out the three emails that can fill up your appointment book and get you more and more new and repeated customers.

First of all, plan an appointment email. Busy business owners welcome reminders and this small email can encourage them to make commercial insurance appointments. It is a great way of boosting appointments. First of all separate the list according to the type of service the customers have previously requested.

This will help you to send specific emails reminding the customers about another appointment. Provide them a limited time offer to make them feel a sense of urgency. This email has a call to action showing customers the way to book an appointment.

Secondly, encourage customers to call for a quote. Once you have enough prospective clients, send them an email explaining the advantages of your services and suggest them to ask for a quote via email or call.

appointment setting email

Draft your email text as simple as possible and provide the recipient various ways to get the quote. As soon as you get a request, follow up with further information about your offers and pricing. This is truly an easy way to check the customer’s interest.

Thirdly, do something different. Scheduling an appointment is up to the customer. So, rather than depending on them to set an appointment, let them know that you will meet them at some specific time to make them understand more about your services and offers.

This marketing method sounds pushy for some business people, but for the most of them it is an effective way to boost commercial insurance appointments. After all, it is up to you to plan what can work the best for your business.

I would only add a few additional tips:

  • Reach out your customers more than once if your email goes unanswered. Send back the email with a bit different message.
  • Create a sign up form on your business website and social media channels. This can make your customers get more information about your services.
  • Never let your email marketing slip. Talk to your known ones or any intern when needed to make calls or set up appointments.

Buying Life Insurance For Your Loved Ones

Most of the people put off buying life insurance policy, because they feel it like a hassle. They don’t prefer to go through any sort of life insurance appointments, either medically or with any insurance agent. They also feel it as an extra expense. For the most part, people who avoid thinking about death, don’t feel to invest in life insurance policy.life-ins

Keep in mind, life insurance isn’t about you, it is about the people you love. – Your family. It is to protect your family at the time of your untimely death. Just imagine, what would happen if you no longer be there to support and protect your family. Would they be able to stay in their existing home? Would they be able to manage the bills, that might seem afford? Never forget the quote, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Think, what will your survivors do a few years after you leave them?

The Life insurance policy helps your survivors to maintain their lifestyle. It is an important financial arrangement for your family. You do almost everything to protect, to support your family members, especially if they depend on your income. A life insurance policy does the same in your absence.

Most importantly, the policy is cheaper till you are young and healthy. Your insurance quotes will rise up with each birthday until you lock a rate. And it will be a waste of time if you try to buy life insurance after being diagnosed with any sort of illness.

Life insurance offers you a lot of options. You get a choice for your investment, i.e. you can buy the policy for a short term or even a long term. Depends on your family requirements, and on how much you can manage to spend.

Well, better sooner than later, gear up life insurance appointments with your agent, let him know your needs and budget and find out the best value for your investment.

Mine Existing Customer’s List And Generate Exclusive Insurance Leads

For any Insurance agent, selling homeowners insurance is not an easy job. People don’t window-shop or walk past your office thinking what your company is having to offer. Residential property insurance has very less sales opportunities.

Getting homeowners insurance leads is not a guesswork. The leads contain name and contact details of consumers that actually want to buy what you are offering at the very moment. People wanting any information on insuring their residential property, with a click submit their information that is immediately sent to the agents in the form of leads.

Being an insurance agent, it is key to your success that you obtain exclusive leads that can take you to those homeowners who are in search of the product you are selling. Recycling leads would be a big waste of your time as well as money.

What at the first place you should do, is try search the exclusive leads utilizing the wealth of your current customer’s idle information hidden in the database. Unfortunately, the process will take lots of work, but this can yield you good results if you are offering multiple products with discounts. This cross-selling method is hard to execute consistently.

Imaging how beneficial it would be if you could dip your hands only in the exclusive insurance leads, filtering out the time you would waste in trying to find interested customers. This is where you need leads generator who can convert your regular clients into more profitable ones and also change prospects into your regular customers. They can also help you find out existing customers who are having a single policy with you, but might beneficially buy your other offerings. For instance, a person possessing auto insurance policy with you, would own a house or might be staying in a rented place. The lead generator will find out if this client is having renters or home insurance policy. This way a hidden data can be converted into an exclusive homeowners insurance leads.

Conclusively, you can increase your sales, maximize your profit and help your customers lower down their costs with these exclusive leads.

Guide To Get Affordable Renters’ Insurance Appointments

Renters’ insurance is not often publicized in comparison to other insurance policies. This is because most of the people tend to pay a big value on their assets. You, being a tenant, are also supposed to bear the same amount of risk as your home owner. The hazards like burglary, fire, floods, etc. can make you lose a big amount by damaging or stealing your belongings. Refurnishing your home will take a lot of time as well as money. Therefore, purchasing a Renters’ insurance policy is the only way to safeguard yourself from any hazards or natural calamities. Listed herein, are a few tips that can help you find cost effective Renters’ insurance policies.

Search online. Internet is the best place to find out an affordable Renters’ insurance plan. Seeing that, you might not get a certified quote from every link, you would be able to at least get the average cost of the insurance. Browsing through sites is important to know different types of service levels and also to know about the most preferred insurance carriers. Spare some time and visit websites of the insurance companies you short listed. Some insurance companies offer “online” special quotes that can beneficially save your premiums.

Now its time to meet the insurance agents. Ending up your online research, set Renters’ insurance appointments with some insurance agents nearby you. This will help you to buy the package suitable to your needs. While sitting on negotiating table, keep the quotations you obtained online with you. Possibly, you might get the best deal unlike the deals advertised online. The tough competition between insurance agencies guarantee you the best deal that can prevent you from taking your business elsewhere.

Another way to reduce your premiums on Renters’ insurance is to raise your deductibles – i.e. the amount paid to an insurance agency in case of any property damage. If you are ready to shoulder most of the deductibles, the insurance company will lower down your premiums.

Don’t hesitate to contact an insurance agency nearby you to fetch more information about the plans that can work best for your needs.

A Few Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Renters Insurance

Renters insurance protects your personal belongings. Still, it is not something renters feel important to give a thought to. The least number of renters buy renters insurance. Imagine a day when you enter your rented apartment or house to see your personal belongings are either damaged or stolen. Your renter’s insurance can help you not only during such circumstances but also at times when you are legally responsible for your visitor’s injury. For not covering the building itself, its premium is relatively inexpensive.

There are a few points to keep in mind before setting renters insurance appointments if you are looking to buy renters insurance.

What belongings are covered?

Most insurance policies cover furniture, clothing, jewellery, electronics, etc. But it depends on the policy limit. Therefore, before selecting the coverage level, don’t forget to take the value of your personal belongings into account.

When are you covered?

Generally, insurance covers damages or losses that occurred due to theft, smoke, fire, explosions or water damages. Storm or flood coverage depends on the policy you buy. Most of the time, your renter’s policy covers not only the internal damages but also the external. e.g. you may get the same coverage if some of your values are stolen or damaged from your car as you would get if the same happened in your house.

How much liability coverage you need?

Renters insurance provides protects your liability by paying the cost of defending you in the court and the court pays up to your policy limit.

Who all are covered in this policy?

Spouses as well as family members are automatically covered in the renter’s insurance. But if you want your room-mate to be covered, you are supposed to specify the name in the policy.

What if there is any repair?

Most of the renter’s insurance policies are responsible to cover the cost of hotel bills, restaurant meals or other expenses if you are unable to stay at your rented house due to it being repaired. This is only possible if you have bought the policy with additional living expense coverage.

Mostly while renting a house you feel worry-free for not mowing the lawn or painting the property. But, think about how you will replace all your valuable personal belongings. This is a genuine worry that can be minimized from a renter’s insurance policy. So, now as you know what thing you need to keep in mind while getting going for your renter’s insurance appointments, call independent insurance agents and get started looking for the right renter’s insurance policy.