What is Insurance Telemarketer?

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I need you to imagine having full control on the qualifying questions of leads you receive. In this way, you will not be wasting time following up with these prospects just to find out that they have never been insured or have horrible credit and simply do not qualify as a potential client. How would your productivity spike? How would your closing ratio change if you had your licensed sales reps speaking to prospects that they could actually qualify and close?


Our agents have called through plenty of no thank you, I just renewed, not a good time, call me back later, try me in a few months until we confirmed prospects with real interest in your service and satisfied your qualifiers. Because they qualify, you and your team can then take the next steps in the sales process to end up with a closed deal with these exact prospects. Now, we can’t do it all; the sales process comes from your team. However, we set you up properly for success with the prospects that can work for your business and that want to know about what you can do for them right now.


Insurance Telemarketer is the perfect service for the insurance agency owner that understands the importance of consistent outbound calls in their long term marketing program. We prospect for commercial, auto, home, life and health. It is necessary to call your current book of business at least 4 times per year to check-in and see if there are new opportunities to be discovered. With Insurance Telemarketer we make calls on any lead list from a data base, to mailer lists you have even generated in house. We do this because we know that opportunities are always there! The first determining factor for success is simply who is going to prospect and who is not. People buy from people. The only way to buy is to communicate; the best way to communicate is over the telephone with someone’s voice and yours. Let us be your voice front so that we can make that human connection and connect you with prospects that are ready to be quoted so you can close and gain new clientele to grow your book of business.


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