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5 Useful Tips For Selling Life Insurance

One of the most effective techniques for selling life insurance leads is through cold calls. However this technique, on average, only gives you a few successful calls out of 100. This makes it very difficult for insurance companies to sell any insurance policy. Of course, cold calling is not just the only technique. There are still a few other ways you can walk on to gain success as an insurance agent. use these 5 tips provided by an insurance telemarketer company to help you grow your sales without any cold calls.

1. At the very first, prepare your business cards with your agency’s contact details and a brief summary of the policies you sell. This will make individuals know what policies you are specialized in and will most likely contact you whenever they would be in need of the same services.

2. Your neighbours and near-ones can earn you good leads. Set up life insurance appointments with them and try to convince them, without any compulsion, to buy life insurance policies from you. If possible, tempt them by offering discounts. No need to hesitate, just dive into your phone book and revive your old friends.

3. Offer your friends referral commissions. Offer them a certain amount for each prospect that buys a life insurance policy from you. This will tempt them to ask their known-ones about their needs for buying an insurance policy. This technique can create a successful network of salespeople, – paid for every individual customer delivered by them.


4. Once you successfully convert the individual referrals into your customer, offer them the same commission, you offered to your friends earlier. Offer them your business cards and convince them of getting a referral bonus for each customer they deliver.

5. Expand your network by contacting more and more people, and turn a couple of life insurance leads into your successful customers.

These above-listed tips might make your phone ring with the new customer without making any cold calls. But still, if you wish to use the cold calling technique, don’t try it on your own. It is recommended to hire professional and experienced callers that can make calls and set up life insurance appointments for you, and help you earn qualified leads without wasting any time and by spending a tiny amount out of your pocket.

5 Useful Tips For Selling Life Insurance