How to Book More Appointments Through Cold Calling?

  December 29, 2020

Why are your cold calling techniques not working? Convert your calls into meetings with our best cold calling tips you can implement right away.

A person receives thousands of sales phone calls on a daily basis and most of the time these calls are ignored. That is why it is essential for an appointment setter to be convincing enough to make the potential customer listen to him thoroughly.

Update your Cold Calling strategies:


  • Choose the best prospects – Based on your previous cold calling efforts, select clients who are interested. Prioritize them as per your time and need.
  • Automate repetitive tasks – Cold calling can get dreary, particularly after some time. This is the reason it bodes well to mechanize the cycle however much as could reasonably be expected – aside from the call, obviously, as this is the place where the wonder happens!
  • Keep track of your objectives – It makes a lot of sense to keep an eye on your KPIs while you work. Seeing how much you’re missing might be just the thing that keeps you motivated.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:


  • Don’t try to sell over the phone

Setting an appointment is definitely a part of selling but do not jump into it at the beginning of the discussion. Your ultimate motto is definitely selling but your immediate motto is to set an appointment. If you sound like a salesperson to your prospect, he might lose interest in your call.

Purchasing decisions cannot be made on calls and as an appointment setter, you should refrain from trying to do that. Neither of you should make plans to sell or buy products or services at this stage. You need to prove it to your potential client with your words that you called up to fix an appointment not to sell products.

  • Get ready with the script before calling

To advertise a product or service in the best way possible it is important for the caller to hold sufficient knowledge of it. It is recommended for them to make a script framework after the training is done. He could also initiate trial calls, based on the script, for the best results.

This simplifies the entire process of fixing appointments for the callers. It is to be noted that the callers should not be forced to use the exact language given on the script. It is all about making the conversation authentic and reliable to the customers.

The script will help you in the following way

  • Dealing with the gatekeeper
  • Handling negative responses
  • Building rapport and
  • Understanding the prospect
  • Get mentally prepared for objections

Objections are an inseparable part of such cold calling. It really does not matter how eloquent you are as a speaker, you will face objections inevitably. The best way to handle this is to be prepared for it.

A dedicated appointment setter puts his efforts to find ways to manage such calls with ease.

  • Provide certain options to prospects

While scheduling meetings an appointment setter should offer at least a couple of dates to the prospect so that they remain available for the meeting on their preferred date and time.

If you offer two dates to your prospects, they would not be able to give the excuse of being busy on a particular date. Being specific about the choices of dates will add a bit more importance to the appointment.

  • Try to sell appointment and not product or services

Always remember that you are calling a prospect to fix an appointment and your focus should be on that only. Callers often get distracted from the aim and try to sell products in the call which is no less than a disaster.

Put emphasis on selling the appointment instead of products and services. You need to grow the potential customers’ interest in the conversation so that they listen to you. You can do the following to achieve that

  • make them laugh
  • offer them something beneficial
  • solve their problems and
  • be fast and straightforward

Once the ice-breaking session is over, it becomes easier for you to continue the chat. You can start sharing information with them about the product and finally when they seem to be convinced, schedule an appointment based on their convenience.