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4 Ways For Insurance Agents To Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers

Homeowners insurance is an old profession. You are most likely using Facebook, but are you confused by the different ways of converting your fans into customers? What are the simple strategies that can help to generate revenue with Facebook?

1. Offer your fans some benefits – Make the prospects feel unique and cared for if you want to turn your Facebook fans into insurance leads. If they feel like cogs in your machine, they won’t prefer to be your customers.

Show that you care for them and offer them good benefits, like free consultations to educate them with your offers.

2. Ensure them you are having the right fans – If the prospects are not interested in your services, they won’t get converted into insurance leads.

Ensure them that they are your right fans by following the correct demographics with lookalike audiences that you can draw from your own fans or from other fields like real estate, accounting and taxes, or financial planning.

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3. Move them through a funnel – It may not be possible to convert a fan into a customer directly from Facebook. A step you must take is helping people opt into your mailing list using Facebook.

Once they get into your list, you can advertise your services via emails in a friendly and approachable way directly from their inbox. This can be an important step for you as people will always trust their emails.

4. Provide them useful content – Presenting useful and reliable content can attract your fans. The Contents can help to fix your name in your fan’s mind and turn them into your customers. Important is to present the content in the correct format.

Today, native video is growing faster. Take advantage of uploading a native video through Facebook rather than other platforms. Myriad ways are there to use video advertising and tell your story.

Small businesses while marketing with Facebook will surely require dedication and time, but the most important is know-how. Earlier agents used to rely on face-to-face communication, flyers, referrals etc. to generate homeowners insurance leads.

But now people have moved online. Use these tips in your daily social media, and you will most likely be able to turn your fans into customers.

4 Ways For Insurance Agents To Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers