3 Emails To Increase Commercial Insurance Appointments

  April 29, 2016

If your business depends on appointments or scheduled service calls, email marketing would most likely be the best option to fill your appointment book. Set number of appointments by sending the right emails. Let’s check out the three emails that can fill up your appointment book and get you more and more new and repeated customers.

First of all, plan an appointment email. Busy business owners welcome reminders and this small email can encourage them to make commercial insurance appointments. It is a great way of boosting appointments. First of all separate the list according to the type of service the customers have previously requested.

This will help you to send specific emails reminding the customers about another appointment. Provide them a limited time offer to make them feel a sense of urgency. This email has a call to action showing customers the way to book an appointment.

Secondly, encourage customers to call for a quote. Once you have enough prospective clients, send them an email explaining the advantages of your services and suggest them to ask for a quote via email or call.

appointment setting email

Draft your email text as simple as possible and provide the recipient various ways to get the quote. As soon as you get a request, follow up with further information about your offers and pricing. This is truly an easy way to check the customer’s interest.

Thirdly, do something different. Scheduling an appointment is up to the customer. So, rather than depending on them to set an appointment, let them know that you will meet them at some specific time to make them understand more about your services and offers.

This marketing method sounds pushy for some business people, but for the most of them it is an effective way to boost commercial insurance appointments. After all, it is up to you to plan what can work the best for your business.

I would only add a few additional tips:

  • Reach out your customers more than once if your email goes unanswered. Send back the email with a bit different message.
  • Create a sign up form on your business website and social media channels. This can make your customers get more information about your services.
  • Never let your email marketing slip. Talk to your known ones or any intern when needed to make calls or set up appointments.