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Social realism meets police procedural in this pivotal and disruptive northern drama series. Uniquely ambitious serialisation of eight of Shakespeare’s history plays in 15 parts. ’s coverage of sporting events and packaged it with authoritative and characterful commentary, most famously from the personable David Coleman. Remembered by some for his gaffes – or ‘Colemanballs’ – the truth is Coleman managed to navigate a bewildering amount of fast-changing sport (not to mention the reams of paper from the teleprinter live-faxing results on air) with ease and expertise. To see a single play on British television in 1956 that told a story of immigration from the point of view of the Windrush arrivals themselves was a truly gamechanging moment in broadcasting.

The fairground is depicted as the ultimate place of joy and hedonism, contrasted with the cold and bleak hearth of Jess’s familial home, where even so much as a smile is banned. But it’s the happiness Jess discovers in love and friendship, and the gentleness of her self-acceptance, that make this series an enduring classic. Fifty years on, the book derived from the series remains a staple of art and cultural studies courses. The programme’s distinctive theme tune, penned by Liverpool band The Scaffold, heralded a half-hour of quirky, down-to-earth humour. Yet the jaunty opening belied the programme’s navigation of issues such as class, religion, parental separation and sex before marriage, as the flatmates supported each other through life’s ups and downs. Polly James was replaced in series five by Elizabeth Estensen, but was reunited with Hughes in 1996 for a one-off series that brought Sandra and Beryl back together in middle age.

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Institution, Newsround has never been stuffy or dour; on the contrary it was and is vibrant in its reporting of issues most affecting children and young people. Its alumni of staff is an impressive list of reporters and newsreaders, who often cut their journalistic teeth on Newsround, including Helen Rollason, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Lizo Mzimba and Matthew Price. But Newsround is no easy gig; news stories need to be comprehensively but succinctly contextualised for children without sacrificing editorial balance or – most of all – truth.

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We fiercely debated the importance of each title and, inevitably, had to lose some beloved favourites along the way. Race through history answering questions, a game full of foul facts and jokes, testing your knowledge of our gruesome past. From ghastly double entrendres to wince-inducing puns, there’s some real fool’s gold out there – here are some of the best worst jokes around. Funny Jokes-Hindi Chutkule can also be used for special occasions like Birthday party, classroom, college function and many other occasions. With its compendium of comic gags and tales it promises a feast of laughter for everyone. Teenage rugby player, 19, appears in court accused of killing an ‘absolute gentleman’ who was found…

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Influential arts documentary strand that has explored idiosyncratic subjects in equally idiosyncratic ways. Offices at Alexander Palace in 1969 and in the first few years of broadcast had awarded 10,000 degrees, and had over 50,000 students in study. A distanced-learning strand that used the democratic power of television to teach and award degrees to people all across the country. Studios in Lime Grove, but Gardeners’ World allowed a more personal relationship between presenter and viewer.

Police release CCTV image of man after train passenger was caught performing a sex act in front of women on… Cambridge University hosts ‘fanatical’ three-day slavery conference amid fears from academics that it will… ‘Horny’ 24-stone student, 30, ‘pinned’ down online date and forced him to have sex, leaving him with… House Of The Dragon executive producer Jocelyn Diaz is the latest person to exit the Game Of Thrones prequel . She was previously in a relationship with hotelier George Panayiotou, with the pair getting engaged in January 2019 and welcoming a son that September. The couple met at at Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea International Film Festival last December – where they were snapped chatting together at a screening during the closing ceremony.

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The programme helped to change the relationship television had with its audiences and, through its campaigning, showed that children can help to change lives, too. Grandstand was the brainchild of producer Bryan Cowgill, who thought to link many disparate sporting events into the studio and augment them with commentary, analysis and novel technology. A few years later he would do the same for football with Match of the Day, cementing and broadening the love of the national sport. In silly slapstick enjoyed by children and adults, glove puppet chums Sooty and Sweep provided a hilariously makhna meaning in telugu down-to-earth, near-subversive north-country antidote to the goody-two-shoes politeness of taut-stringed puppet programmes like Muffin the Mule. Bradford-born engineer Harry Corbett little knew how he’d change children’s television forever when he bought a puppet known as ‘Teddy’ on Blackpool Pier in rainy July 1948, to use in the magic act he did at kids’ parties around Leeds. Having got him a little box to wield his wand out of, he blacked in Teddy’s ears and copyrighted him ‘Sooty’. But Nigel Kneale’s The Quatermass Experiment was the first to really hit the mark with viewers.

With its candid portrayal of sex – both gay and straight – the series paved the way for other dramas like Russell T. Davies’ landmark Queer as Folk. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit first burst on to our screens in 1990, at a time when lesbian characters were rarely, if ever, shown. It was a brave, original and innovative depiction of queer teenage love. Jeanette Winterson’s semi-autobiographical drama remains a moving and innovative portrayal of queer teenage life.


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