How Insurance Telemarketer Works

Create The Interest

We Create The Interest

Verify The Prospect

We Verify The Prospect

Setup The Appointment

We Setup The Appointment

We Create Opportunities

Exclusive Appoinment


We guarantee that each and every single appointment is set exclusively for you and only you.

Quality assurance verifies every appointment


Our quality assurance team listens to the recording of the call to verify the appointment is real before it is emailed over to you



We know one size doesn't fit all. Choose a dedicated insurance telemarketer to work exclusively for you.

You can't take back time


Spend your time on what is most profit generating, managing marketers is not one of them



Full access to call logs, view real time calls and call reports

Support Team


Our team is available at the click of a mouse or a quick phone call to assist you.

We only set appointments with decision makers for a specific date and time they agreed to.