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We guarantee that each and every single appointment is set exclusively for you and only you.


Quality assurance verifies every appointment

Our quality assurance team verifies the appointment before it is emailed over to you. Calls are not recorded



We know one size doesn’t always fit all. Choose a program that works best for you and your goals!

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About Insurance Telemarketer

Picture this: You dictate the screening criteria for your leads, ensuring every inquiry is worth your time. This strategic approach transforms the lead qualification process, turning it into a powerful tool for efficiency and success. You'll bypass unnecessary preliminaries, jumping straight into fruitful discussions armed with valuable insights. It's a game-changing shift that promises to boost your productivity and dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Our skilled team works relentlessly, filtering out lukewarm leads to connect you with individuals who are genuinely interested and perfectly align with your criteria.

By the time you engage with a potential client, you can be confident they are thoroughly pre-qualified, setting the stage for a successful interaction. While we handle the initial legwork, bringing a continuous flow of promising leads your way, the final and crucial step of closing the deal rests in your capable hands. Together, we’re on a mission to drive your business forward, ensuring a future rich with opportunity and success!

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


Spend your time on the activities that are most profit-generating. Managing telemarketers should not be one of them!


When you enroll with us gain access to call logs to view real time call, and detail call reports at your fingertips!


Our team is available to you at the click your mouse or a phone call to help when you need it!

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We only set appointments with decision-makers for a specific date and time they agreed to.

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